Christmas gift ideas for your sewing room by The Sewing Korner

If you’re making out a Christmas wishlist and you’re a sewist, it’s easy to determine what types of items to put on that list. In fact, there are a lot of gift Ideas for your sewing room that you can think of if you put your mind to it, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get a heck of a wishlist when you’re done.

The truth is, there are tons of Christmas gifts for sewists that all types of sewists will appreciate and enjoy.

Whether you are a regular sewist or you like to embroider or quilt as well, the following 10 items should always be on your Christmas wishlist because they are items that you’ll always have a need for.

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    1. Sewing Magazine Subscription

    There are numerous magazines for sewists, and having a subscription to one of them improves your skills and gives you something to look forward to each month. With each issue, you’ll learn things you didn’t know about sewing, and it also keeps you up to date on all of the newest and best products for sewists.

    Even better, most magazine subscriptions are very inexpensive, so if you include this item on your wishlist, you won’t have the guilt of feeling like you’re asking for a gift that many people just can’t afford. It is both a reasonably priced and very practical gift.

    2. Sewing Scissors and Cutters

    To have enough cutting implements when you’re a sewist is highly unlikely. The fact is that all sewists need more than one pair of scissors and more than one cutting implement. Of course, you also have to have the right implements to make it work.

    If you don’t already have them, opt for at least one pair of 8-inch titanium bonded scissors, preferably two pairs; an all-in-one scissor and shear kit that usually includes seam rippers, scissors, and a pair of thread snips that have replaceable blades; and a well-built rotary cutter. You can add more items later on.

    3. Basic Sewing Pins

    You’re going to need basic pins regardless of the project, so requesting several types of sewing pins is always a good idea. Try colorful glass head pins that are good for projects that require a lot of ironing, as well as flat-head pins that are super easy to find whether they’re on your project or in a sewing basket.

    Flat-head pins are simple to grab between the forefingers and the thumb, so they can be used any time that you’re working on a project, and you have to remove them quickly while you’re sewing. In fact, you’ll need a lot of both of these types of pins because breaking them and losing them is very common for sewists.

    4. Travel Sewing Repair Kit

    If you travel a lot and take your sewing machine with you, you’ll want to include a travel repair kit on your Christmas gift list. Different repair kits will have different items in them, but most contain items such as a measuring tape, needles, pins, scissors, and a collection of threads.

    Other kits include items such as sewing machine oil, extra sewing machine needles, small vials of glue, and a seam ripper. If you travel a lot and love to sew, you’ll likely end up using every item in this kit at least occasionally, and some even more.

    5. Sewing Baskets and Sewing Machine Cases

    When you’re considering top-notch gift ideas for your sewing room, it’s easy to forget about items that provide a safe place for your sewing tools, but these are essential. Regardless of how well organized your sewing room is, you can easily misplace all types of sewing items if you don’t have a place to keep them.

    Storage containers that are a must include a basic carry case for your sewing machine, as well as an organizer bag that holds all of your scissors, threads, and other items. One that has two or more pockets and has several different compartments for different sizes of items will work the best.

    6. Traditional & Magnetic Sewing Pin Cushions

    It’s easy to forget about a good pin cushion when you’re making up a wishlist as a sewist, but this is an important item nonetheless. In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to have more than one pin cushion because this way, you can use one cushion for each of the types of pin you use.

    Fortunately, you can get a good pin cushion at a super-low price, and they come in many different sizes as well. For the people who will be using your wishlist to get you a great Christmas present, just know that they won’t have to spend a lot of money just to get you a gift you’ll use again and again.

    7. Sewing Dress Forms

    Whether you are a beginner sewer or an experience sewer a dress form can be an important part of your sewing room. Dress forms can be very helpful when you are creating new projects. They make sure that the item you are making fits you or the person you are making the project for.

    There are many different types of dress forms, including solid mannequin type body forms or adjustable dress forms, depending on what your needs are. Dress forms are available in many different sizes and whether you are sewing a dress, blouse, or skirt, they can be the perfect Christmas present for your sewing room this year.

    8. Sewing Clips and Hemming Clips

    Creating a wishlist of gift ideas for your sewing room should include the basics, which includes sewing clips and hemming clips that can replace pins on your sewing projects. Clips come in all sizes and designs and hold fabric together just like pins do, but they do not prick or hurt someone if they fall into the wrong hands.

    Many sewing clips even come with their own storage contained, which makes it convenient to bring them from one location to another if you ever have to. In fact, sewing clips are so useful that they are being replaced more and more often by sewists, especially sewists with pets or children in the household.

    9. Sewing Books

    Sewing books always come in handy, even if you’re an advanced sewist. These how-to books can help quilters, embroiderers, and basic sewists hone their skill so they are even better at it. A helpful sewing book to buy is The Sewing Book: Over 300 Step-by-Step Techniques.

    Other books include one called Sew Me! Sewing Basics, The Modern Maker, and one called Sewing Machine Embroiderer’s Bible. All of these are excellent books that will teach you a lot about sewing regardless of your level of expertise.

    10. Sewing Pattern Weights

    When it comes to gift ideas for your sewing room, the basics are always a good starting point. After all, you’ll use the basics so often that it’s quite common to break or lose many of these items. As most sewers know, cutting the fabric correctly is a must for the rest of the project to turn out right, and pattern weights hold down the fabric so you can do just that.

    Best of all, you can use pattern weights with both scissors and rotary cutters, so they are indeed very versatile tools. They are available in glass and fabric. When making up a wishlist for Christmas, make sure that you include a few pattern weights to keep the fabric still and in place while you cut.

    Other Gift Ideas for Your Sewing Room

    If you have a sewist on your gift list and would like some ideas on what to get them, you can always get them a gift bag with a few miscellaneous items in it. Suggestions include marking pencils, seam rippers, patterns, and personalized gifts made just for sewists, including mugs, brooches, notepads, and framed prints.

    The fact is that just one trip to a sewing store will help you decide both what to get the sewist in your life and what to put on your wishlist as a sewist. Sewing gifts come in all types and price ranges, so it shouldn’t be either difficult or expensive to come up with the right sewist’s gift in the end.

    In Summary: what are the Best Sewing Gift Ideas?

    Coming up with gift ideas for your sewing room is really very simple due to the number of gifts that are available to sewists, embroiderers, and quilters alike. You can choose several small items or even a bigger item, such as a sewing table or even a brand-new sewing machine.

    It takes a lot of accessories and tools to be a good sewist, and even if you think that you have everything you need, this doesn’t mean that you won’t need a few more of them. Items break and get lost, so even asking for things you already have in your sewing kit is never a waste of time.

    Whether you’re making a list of things you want for Christmas or trying to decide what to buy for that special sewist in your life, the task is much easier than you think. You’ll have so many items to choose from that in the end, the only thing you’re limited by is your imagination and maybe your budget.

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