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If you love to embroider and you’re considering making it into a business, good for you! The truth is, an embroidery business can be very lucrative once you learn what it takes to get started. This is especially true because today’s best embroidery machine for small business use is fully automated, making it super-easy to learn.

With this type of embroidery machine, you can create everything from blankets and decorations to kids’ toys and lots more. If you’d like to learn about some of the best machines currently on the market, here are a handful of them for you to consider.

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    Janome is one of the best names to look for when researching high-tech embroidery machines, and the Memory Craft 14000 is often at the top of the list when these types of machines are being rated by critics. The 14000 offers real-time PC connectability to help you get advanced designing features, can monogram up to three letters at a time, and has 11 different built-in fonts, among other things. In fact, there are so many features on this machine that it will likely take you weeks to learn them all.

    The 14000 embroidery machine also has a heavy-duty motor that allows you to produce flawless projects in no time. It has a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute and an automatic needle threader to make things easy for you. The LED screen is very fancy but has a good user manual and DVD so it should be easy for you to learn. You can even utilize the free arm and extra-long hoop for all of your larger projects.


    • Can monogram up to three letters at a time
    • Has a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute
    • Has many advanced designing features to enjoy


    • Horizon Line software doesn’t work with this machine.
    • Some problems with customer service.

    When looking for the best embroidery machine for small business use, this one should definitely be considered. One of its nicest features is the remote computer screen (RCS) that lets you take complete control of the machine. An automatic needle threader and the four needles mean you have access to a lot of different fonts and designs. Since it’s made for commercial use, you can get started on your home business right away.

    With the MB-4S embroidery machine, you get a dedicated bobbin winder, a wide work area for those extra-large projects, and automatic tension control. If you’re a business owner, you need an automated machine such as this so that your projects are fast but efficient. It is the perfect machine for making hats, tote bags, shirts, and so much more, and its ability to sew 800 stitches per minute means you can complete all of your projects quickly.


    • Specifically made for commercial use
    • Maximum of 800 stitches per minute
    • Automatic needle threader and tension control


    • Needles sometimes break
    • Some problems uploading files from USB
    • Little pricey

    The Brother SE1900 computerized embroidery machine is the perfect machine for your home business and even comes with several different feet to accommodate different projects. It is a multifunctional computerized machine that is easy to learn and even comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen and LCD display to make doing what you have to do a lot easier. With the display screen, you can actually see your work before you finalize it, reducing the odds of making a mistake.

    The SE1900 has an embroidery field that expands to 5” x 7”, so you can easily accommodate all of your large projects. With 240 different types of stitches, including 138 built-in embroidery designs, you can create all types of unique masterpieces in no time. It also comes with a USB port for easy maneuverability, as well as an automatic needle threader, user-friendly features, and the versatility you’ll need when creating numerous types of projects.


    • A total of 240 different stitches
    • Large work area for bigger projects
    • Very user-friendly and easy to operate


    • Some problems with needles skipping stitches
    • Some problems with thread bunching up

    Some of the many important features offered by this machine include more than 250 different stitches, 200 embroidery designs, and an extra-large embroidery area. It has a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute and therefore works quickly but efficiently, making even complex projects a whole lot easier. It is made for semi-professional sewers and is therefore perfect for a home business, and you even get a total of nine different feet, including a button-hole foot and one that is multipurpose.

    The SE300 embroidery machine has an LCD touchscreen that makes operation extremely easy, and you even get access to free online classes if you’d like to improve your skills. It is a reliable and sturdy machine that unleashes your creativity regardless of the complexity of the project, and you get the peace of mind you deserve with a 25-year limited warranty. It even comes with a USB port that allows you to transfer your embroidery designs with ease.


    • Has a very large embroidery area to accommodate most projects
    • The LCD touchscreen makes it easy to operate
    • Has a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute


    • Some say it keeps saying “motor overload” even with simple projects
    • Sometimes the thread bunches up

    The Brother PE770 machine comes with more than 130 built-in embroidery designs and can help you create any number of embroidery projects. The 5” x 7” working area means it can accommodate all of your larger projects, and the built-in memory allows you to keep all of your favorite designs in one place in case you wish to use them in the future. This is a state-of-the-art embroidery machine that comes with 12 border styles and 10 frame shapes, as well as a total of six different lettering fonts.

    Because of its high-precision technology, the PE770 machine is perfect for finer projects, and if you are interested in a thread trimmer that is super fast and simple, this is the machine you want. It is durable and easy to handle, and it can be used by both home users and sewers with small home businesses. Some of the designs you get with this machine include geometric designs, floral motifs, scrollwork, and special features made just for quilting.


    • Comes with 130 built-in embroidery designs
    • Large 5” x 7” working area
    • Good for both home users and small businesses


    • Some problems with missed stitches
    • Bobbin case sometimes breaks

    The Best Embroidery Sewing. Machine for Small Business Use: What to Look for

    Choosing the best embroidery machine for small business purposes is easy if you research a variety of them and determine which features are most important to you. If you’re not sure how to get started, just know that it’s easier than you think. You’ll have to decide beforehand which features are most important to you, and here are a few of those features to consider.

    1. USB/Internet Capability

    Today’s embroidery machines are high-tech indeed, so if being able to store designs on your USB and using the Internet to store lots of different designs is important to you, make sure the machine you choose has these features. Keeping designs saved on your USB drive is really convenient because if there is a design you especially love, you can use it over and over again without losing that particular design. In fact, you can connect most modern machines directly to the Internet, so look for these features if they are important to you.

    2. What Will You Need the Machine for?

    To buy the right embroidery machine for your business, you have to first know exactly what you’ll be using it for, then check for a machine that offers that capability. Embroidery machines that are made to create tablecloths, jackets, napkins, clothes, and decorative materials are very different from the machines made to create items such as stiff baseball caps or items that either have an unusual shape or cannot be completely opened before you start sewing on them.

    3. Speed of the Machine

    If you’re going to operate a business, you don’t want to spend too much time on just one item. Instead, you want to work on projects quickly but efficiently so that you can move onto the next one. The stitches-per-minute (SPM) feature is an important feature to look at when you’re trying to find the best embroidery machine for small business use, and if you get one that has a maximum of around 1,000 stitches per minute or more, it’ll be a lot easier to work quickly through lots of different projects.

    4. The Size of the Embroidery Area

    The size of the embroidery area is important even if you’re not using your machine for a business, but it’s crucial if you are running a home business doing embroidery work. The bigger the work area is, the faster you’ll be able to complete each project, and since time equals money when you’re running a business, this is an important feature to have. Many embroidery machines have extra-large work areas that are as big as 5” x 7”, making it both simple and fast to create all of your masterpieces.

    5. Durability

    When you’re looking for the best embroidery machine for small business purposes, you can’t choose a lightweight machine that is made just for home purposes. If you want to embroider things in your spare time, that’s one thing, but creating works of art that you intend to sell to the public requires a different type of machine. When you’re looking for a high-quality sewing and embroidery machine for a small business, plan to spend more than just a few hundred dollars on it and plan to find one that is heavy-duty and durable.

    6. How Many Needles Do You Need?

    When you’re just getting started, you’ll likely buy a single-needle embroidery machine. They are super easy to use and inexpensive as well, and they can accommodate a lot of different projects. That being said, as an embroiderer you’ll want to eventually create projects that are more complex, and it’ll be much faster to do that with an embroidery machine that uses several needles. Think about it – each color will need its own needle, and projects that use more than one color are very common.

    When you’re using an embroidery machine with only one needle, you can only do one color at a time, which is time-consuming to say the least. When you have a machine that offers  10 to 15 sewing machine needles or more, the project can take place without you having to change colors every time the pattern calls for a different color. The needles work in conjunction with one another to make the project less time-consuming. The more needles you expect to have, the more important it is to look for an industrial embroidery machine.

    The fact is that embroidery machines made for home use rarely have more than one needle, so choosing an industrial machine in the beginning is always worth it in the long run. Let’s face it, your projects are only going to get more complicated the longer you’re in business, so you might as well purchase a multi-needle machine from the very start. Yes, it will cost you some money, but it will save you from having to buy one of these machines later on.

    In Summary

    Choosing the very best embroidery sewing machine for small business use is easier if you know why you’ll be using the machine and which features are considered most important to you. Naturally, your budget must also be considered, but keep in mind that with sewing and embroidery machines, you get what you pay for. It’s always better to go ahead and splurge and get the machine you’ll be able to use for many years to come. Fortunately, there are hundreds of high-quality, reliable embroidery machines that you can purchase to accommodate a variety of embroidery projects, and many are reasonably priced as well.

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