The best handheld sewing machines, a guide by top US sewing blog, The Sewing Korner

Many people have a sewing machine in their home, even if they don’t sew on a regular basis. The thing is, sewing machines are a necessity, if for no other reason than to repair hems and tears. This is where a good handheld machine is a benefit, but how do you know what the best handheld sewing machines are?

Once you become familiar with the components of a quality handheld sewing machine, it becomes a little easier to decide which one you should buy. Below are a few of the things you should consider before you determine which handheld sewing machine is the right one for you.

The best handheld sewing machines, a guide by top US sewing blog, The Sewing Korner
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    Your Budget

    Unfortunately, your budget will always have to be considered when you’re looking at the best handheld sewing machines, but the good news is that the product comes in all price ranges, so you should be able to find a good one that you can afford. You can spend less than $5 on one of these sewing machines or more than $30, or just about anything in between.

    Just keep in mind that the most-expensive machine isn’t always the best one, and the least expensive one isn’t necessarily a bad one. This is why price should be only one of your considerations when choosing a handheld sewing machine.

    The Brand

    When you research handheld sewing machines, certain names will appear over and over again. While Singer sewing machines are always high in quality, this is not the only name to look for when looking for these products. But keep in mind that the higher-quality brands are sometimes more expensive simply because they have features that other brands don’t have.

    The Bobbin

    The best handheld sewing machines made recently will have bobbins that are located on the top of the unit and not the bottom. The older machines have them on the bottom, and this can make it more of a challenge to keep track of how much thread is on the bobbin. For more convenience, choose a machine that has the bobbin on the top.

    The Power Supply

    For handheld sewing machines, two types of power supplies are possible. The first is a built-in battery that you recharge every time it dies, and the other is an AA cell battery. The AA cell batteries die much faster, which means you’ll be purchasing them often. This is why a built-in battery is usually preferred by most owners of handheld sewing machines.

    The Size and Weight

    Some of the best handheld sewing machines are also super lightweight, but some are heavier than others. If you intend to travel with your handheld machine, you’ll need to take the size and weight into consideration. If you have a carrying bag, make sure the machine fits into it properly. Also, make sure you have enough room in the bag for accessories such as thread, bobbin, and so on

    The Needle and Threader

    The quality of the needle matters when you’re looking for a quality handheld sewing machine. Before you purchase the machine, take a good look at the needle and make sure it is thick and sturdy. If you end up with a needle that is very thin and flimsy, the machine likely won’t last very long.

    At the same time, a good needle threader is also important. Threading the needle on any sewing machine can be a challenge, but if you’re not a sewer and you just plan to use the machine for minor repairs, this is a very important feature. Make sure the needle threader is easy to operate and that it works quickly so you’re not spending all day threading the machine.

    The Size of the Needle Eye

    A small needle eye size can be difficult for people who have bad eyesight or those who simply want a sewing machine that is easy to thread. If you take a look at the eye of the needle on your handheld sewing machine, it can tell you a lot about how easy it will be to thread your needle each time.

    The top 5 Best Handheld Sewing Machines:

    Now that you know a little about what to look for when researching handheld sewing machines, let’s take a look at a handful of the ones that consistently get high marks from both critics and customers alike.

    This is a lightweight, portable handheld sewing machine that fits in the palm of your hand. It can be used on numerous types of fabrics, including thicker ones that are up to 1.8 mm in size. It also has a very user-friendly design and is portable enough to take with you wherever you need to go.

    This machine comes with four thread set points and is easy to maneuver whether you’re working on crafts, DIY projects, or any other sewing project. The rotary wheel adjustment means it’s easy to control, and it even comes with numerous accessories that ensure you’ll have what you need when the time comes.

    Some of those accessories include bobbins of thread, an extra needle, a tape measure, a snipper, and a set of safety pins, among others. This is a great-looking and reliable sewing machine that is good for those who are on a budget, and it is built to last.


    • Very reasonably priced at around $15
    • Easy to control and maneuver
    • Comes with numerous accessories


    • Some are unhappy with the quality of the machine

    This handheld sewing machine can accommodate fabric up to 1.8 mm in thickness, making it convenient when working on larger projects. Lightweight and portable, the machine also comes with 31 pieces so that you have everything you need for projects of all sizes and types.

    Some of the accessories that come with this machine include bobbin threads, a measuring tape, needles, and snips, making it great to take along when you go on vacation. It is also very reasonably priced and comes in a light pink color, making it attractive as well as functional.

    The machine also has a bobbin on the side for easy loading and an easy-to-operate switch on the top of the unit, making this machine as easy as flipping a switch when you start your next project. It is the perfect sewing machine to have in your home, in part because it is great for all types of projects.


    • Very reasonably priced
    • Works with fabric up to 1.8 mm in thickness
    • Comes with a total of 31 pieces/accessories


    • Stitches are sometimes not very secure

    Some of the best handheld sewing machines are slightly bigger than your average handheld machine, and this is one of them. In fact, this one is a combination of a handheld machine and a regular sewing machine. It also comes with a foot pedal, an automatic bobbin winder, and a needle threader.

    You can operate this sewing machine with either an electric outlet or four AA batteries, and at just a tad over $25, it is affordable for everyone. It also comes with other accessories that you’ll consider important regardless of what your next project is.

    The machine also comes with a small table for larger projects and a bright purple-and-white design. You get a thread tension control button and the options of using the machine either with or without the foot pedal. It is certainly a very versatile sewing machine you’ll use for lots of projects.


    • Very reasonably priced
    • Offers two methods of operation
    • Comes with numerous accessories for convenience


    • Some say it shuts off regularly as you’re working with it

    When it comes to sewing machines, you can’t beat the Singer name. This is considered one of the best handheld sewing machines on the market, and its single thread stitching and cordless design make it a great gift as well as a functional item to have around the home.

    Compact and portable, the Singer 01663 portable sewing machine comes with thread, needles, and bobbins, allowing you to make tons of repairs and various projects easily and quickly. It’s possible to make both temporary fixes and various DIY projects with this machine, and at under $20, it is affordable for everyone.

    It also comes with needles, bobbins, threaders, and a thread spindle, and there is a scannable QR code that you can scan to get access to how-to instructions, user instructions, and so much more. Not only is it a high-quality sewing machine, but it is also a lot of fun to use.


    • Very reasonably priced
    • Cordless design makes it easy to work with
    • Comes with accessories to accommodate all projects


    • Some claim it left holes in the fabric

    The Sunbeam handheld sewing machine is perfect for those on a budget because it only costs around $10. But don’t let the low price fool you. It can work on all types of fabric, including silk, cotton, polyester, nylon, and even thicker fabrics such as denim with ease.

    This is an accurate and reliable sewing machine that provides results that are similar to a sewing machine that is much more expensive. It allows you to work on all types of projects, including crafts, minor repairs, and numerous DIY projects, among others.

    It also comes with a few extra supplies, such as bobbins and needles, as well as a user-friendly design that is great for all types of sewers, whether you’re an experienced sewer or you’re just planning to use it to make temporary repairs and DIY projects.


    • Very inexpensive
    • Great results for a low-priced machine
    • Works on fabrics of all thicknesses


    • Some claim it fell apart shortly after purchase

    Are Handheld Sewing Machines Worth it?

    If you’re wondering if handheld sewing machines are worth it to buy, the answer depends a lot on what you’ll be using it for. If you intend to make clothing, quilts, or complicated arts and crafts projects, you’ll probably need a regular sewing machine, not because a handheld machine can’t accommodate these projects but because it will likely be too slow.

    Handheld sewing machines do have a purpose, however. If you need to repair a hole or a hem, make a small craft or DIY project, or even make simple items such as pillow cases, the handheld sewing machines work perfectly. This is especially true if you do your due diligence and find the right sewing machine in the end. Handheld sewing machines are very handy to have around, and they certainly cost a lot less than regular machines do.

    In Summary

    To find the best handheld sewing machines on the market, you’ll need to know what to look for first. The best ones don’t always cost a lot of money and the less expensive ones aren’t always made shabbily. The important thing to remember is to research the features on the machines to make sure you end up purchasing one that will work best for your projects.

    This is a lot easier to do than you think once you know what you’re looking for in a handheld sewing machine. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best handheld machines on the market, but you can find others that are just as good if you do some research. Handheld sewing machines can be used for lots of repair and arts and crafts projects, and even some smaller projects, so they are very useful indeed.

    Just make sure you do your research and decide beforehand what you’ll be using the machine for, and the rest should be easy. The fact that they’re so reasonably priced is just icing on the cake.