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If you’re sewing with thick or rough fabrics, such as leather or corduroy, you already know how important it is to find the right needle. Regular needles can break when you’re working with these types of fabric, but a specialized needle made just for thick fabrics allows you to work flawlessly on each and every project. Finding the right leather sewing needles isn’t difficult once you know what you’re looking for.

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    Let’s Take a Look at Sewing Needles

    There are different types of needles for different fabrics. In fact, there are lots of different needles even for the same fabric, but the three main types of needles include:

    • Jersey needles, which are made specifically for knit fabrics and are made with a medium ballpoint tip.
    • Stretch needles, which are similar to Jersey needles but are good for swimwear because they are made for stretchy or elastic fabrics.
    • Universal needles, which usually have rounded tips and are used on women’s sturdy knits, woven fabrics, and many others.

    When you’re looking for leather sewing needles, you have to pay attention to both the type and the size. Needles range in size from 8 to 9 for American-made needles and from 60 to 120 for European-made needles. If you see something marked with a number such as 130/705H, just know that this needle is made specifically for home use, hence the “H” behind the number.

    Sewing needles are generally made to last through six to eight hours of use, after which they usually break. That being said, there’s no need to worry about this because sewing needles are inexpensive, so it won’t matter even if you break a few of them while you’re completing the project.

    Normal needles make it difficult to work with leather, even soft leather, so the task will be slow and tedious. This is why, if you are working with leather, it’s best to choose a long spear-shaped needle. These needles make it easier to work with the leather and will give you less resistance with each stitch. As far as the size is concerned, many people working with leather choose a needle that is 80/12 in size, but other sizes work as well. For instance:

    • For thin leather, you can use 70/10, 80/12, or 90/14.
    • For medium leather, you can use 100/16, 110/18, or 120/19.
    • For thick leather, you can use 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, or 100/16.

    If you’re working with leather, be prepared to replace the needle at least once every six hours, sometimes more often. A needle doesn’t have to be worn out just for it to work improperly. Indeed, most leather sewing needles will break long before they wear out, so being prepared to replace them regularly is smart on your part.

    The Best Leather Sewing Needles

    If you’re curious about the leather sewing needles that are top-notch and can accommodate a variety of leather projects, below are some of them to consider.

    Singer 2087 Leather Machine Needles

    This is a pack of three sewing machine needles made just for working with leather and includes two size 90/14 needles and one size 100/16 needle. With these needles, you can work with leather, as well as PVC, plastic, and other thick fabrics. This set of needles comes in a clear sturdy storage case with the sizes clearly marked on the outside. They are easy to work with and strong enough to keep you busy for hours.

    Although the needles are made by Singer, they are able to fit other sewing machines as well, including Brother, Kenmore, and many others. They cost barely $7 for the pack of three. If you work with thick materials on a regular basis, these needles are perfect because they are sturdy and reliable, not to mention versatile and able to accommodate lots of sewing machines.


    • Made by a very reputable company.
    • Very reasonably priced.
    • Very sturdy and strong.


    • Some claim the needle didn’t go through the leather.
    • Some complaints about the needles being scratched.

    Schmetz Leather Sewing Machine Needles

    These leather sewing needles come in a pack of five and are sized 110/18, which is perfect for working with leather fabric. You get five needles for roughly $6 and the perfect way to work with leather as well as other materials, including denim, plastic, vinyl, and a whole lot more. These are sturdy needles built to last, and you can use them for projects that involve embroidery, quilting, and so much more.

    Schmetz specializes in making not only high-quality needles but also needles that all sewers can use with ease. From beginners who are just getting started to professionals who own a small business, these needles won’t disappoint, and they’re so reasonably priced that you can buy lots of packets so that you can stay busy creating for a very long time.


    • Very reasonably priced.
    • Works with a variety of thick fabrics.
    • Come in a convenient, sturdy case.


    • Some complaints about the needles not being sharp enough.
    • Some claim the needles don’t fit their sewing machine.

    Organ Size 125/20 Sewing Machine Needles

    These sewing machine needles made by Organ come in many different sizes, and this pack of 10 needles costs just over $5, so you can stock up on them if you want without spending a lot of money. They work great for all types of thick fabric, including leather, PVC, denim, and a lot of others. The right needle makes a big difference in how easy it is to work with thick fabric, which is why you need these needles.

    Not all leather sewing needles are alike, but these are high-quality needles that you can count on for a variety of projects. You can use different types of threads in them because they are versatile and can accommodate numerous project types. In fact, the needles are so good that you can use them for all types of fabric, not just the thick ones.


    • Very high-quality needles that last.
    • Good for both beginners and experienced sewers.
    • Very reasonably priced.


    • Some claim the needle didn’t fit their sewing machine.

    Klasse’ Leather Sewing Machine Needles

    This is a five-piece set of needles that are size 110/18 and which sell for roughly $8. They come with a chisel point that makes them penetrate through thick fabric such as leather with ease, and they are high quality and, therefore, made to last. They are also easy to work with and versatile enough to work on various types of fabric.

    Specially designed for all types of difficult fabrics and all types of sewing machines, these needles are dependable and pierce through many types of thick fabric quickly and easily. They are a great type of needle to deal with fabrics of all kinds, and they make it easy whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been sewing for many years.


    • Designed for all types of fabrics and sewing machines.
    • Easy to use and made to last.
    • Chisel points easily penetrate leather and other fabrics.


    • Some claim the needle didn’t work as they expected.

    Groz-Beckert Titanium Leather Sewing Machine Needles

    This pack of 20 leather sewing needles sells for around $19, but they come in other sizes besides 140/22. They have sharp points and are easy to work with, and they are also compatible with numerous other sewing machines. These versatile sewing machine needles are made out of titanium and, therefore, are built to last, and this also makes them a lot easier to work with.

    You can also use these to work with other thick fabrics, including denim, PVC, and many others. They are made by a reputable company and built to last, so you can use them with confidence every time. At such a reasonable price, you can buy several packs of them and keep them on hand without going broke.


    • Made out of sturdy titanium.
    • Very reasonably priced.
    • Compatible with many different sewing machines.


    • Some complaints about the needles getting loose in the packaging.

    When you’re in the market for good-quality, leather sewing machine needles, you’ll want to look at the pros and cons of each, not to mention read reviews from real-life customers. While all products will have some complaints by customers, what you’ll want to look for is whether the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. If they do, you’re in luck.

    In Summary, which are the Best Leather Sewing Needles?

    The right leather sewing needles are not hard to find if you know where to look. If you’re working with any type of thick fabric, including leather, the main thing you want to avoid is using standard sewing machine needles, which are simply not strong enough to pierce through these fabrics. Choosing needles made specifically for leather is your smartest option because this is what they’re made for.

    If you’re using the right needles and you’re still having problems with the fabric, it could be your sewing machine itself. Check the machine and the needles to determine which item is the problem one, and you can even get a pro at a fabric store to help you so you know you’re doing everything correctly.

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