Best sewing kits for home and travel featured by The Sewing Korner

Having a sewing kit in your home is convenient even if you’re not into sewing as a general rule. These kits can help you replace buttons, sew loose hems, and do other emergency work that needs to be done occasionally. You can take them with you when you travel and keep them nearby to take care of numerous problems, and finding the best sewing kits on the market is not hard to do.

Even if you have a regular sewing machine in your home, a sewing kit is still a good thing to have. When you research these sewing kits, you’ll be surprised by how many types there are, but don’t let that intimidate you. 

Best sewing kits for home and travel featured by The Sewing Korner
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    Comparison Table : the Best Sewing Machines for Jeans & Canvas

    Kit Name Kit Weight Kit Dimensions
    Artika Sewing Kit for Adults and Kids 9.9 ounces 6.5 x 1 x 8.5 inches
    SINGER Large Sewing Basket with Removable Tray 14.1 ounces 11.8 x 8 x 6 inches
    VelloStar Travel Sewing Kit 10.9 ounces 8.25 x 6 x 1.5 inches
    SINGER 34-Piece Traveling Sewing Kit 1.6 ounces 1 x 3.5 x 7.25 inches
    Coquimbo Emergency Travel Sewing Kit 2.88 ounces 4.88 x 4.88 x 0.94 inches
    My First Sewing Kit for Beginners by Alex Crafts 11.2 ounces 10 x 3.25 x 8 inches
    MissLytton Box Sewing Kit 1.7 pounds 9.5 x 6.5 x 4.3 inches

    Once you decide exactly what you’re going to be using the sewing kit for, the right kit for you is a lot easier to find. Following are a few things to consider when looking for a sewing kit.

    What You’ll Be Using your Sewing Kit for

    Sewing kits can be large or small, but the size doesn’t matter as long as what you need is on the inside of them. If you intend to use it for most of your mending needs, you’ll need more items included, but if all you need is a needle and some thread, you can go with a smaller kit.

    Determine if you’ll be bringing this kit with you when you travel and whether or not it has to fit in a purse or carry-on luggage. All of these things make a difference when you’re deciding between the best sewing kits available. Deciding things such as these means that you’ll always have the perfect sewing kit in the end.

    Scissors or Fabric Shears?

    Regardless of what you need your kit for, a good pair of scissors or shears is a must. Keep in mind that you are likely to work on many different types of fabric, so the scissors need to be sharp and functional. A small, cheap pair of scissors won’t do for most projects.

    Never get blades that are glued together and have plastic handles. Invest in a good set of scissors made out of metal so that they will last regardless of what you put them through. You should also try them out to make sure that they’re comfortable while you’re holding them.


    Sewing on missing buttons is commonplace when you need a sewing kit. Choosing a kit that has buttons is not a bad idea.  The buttons can be used for emergencies, whether you’re sewing a pair of jeans, a shirt, or an overcoat.

    If you find a sewing kit that also has snaps in it, this is even better. After all, not all broken closures will be buttons, so it’s good to have snaps on hand as well.

    Needle and Thread

    Depending on the size of your kit, having good-quality polyester thread in at least 12 different colors is a good idea. The best sewing kits will have a lot of different threads to accommodate dark fabric, light fabric, and everything in between. You’ll certainly need a variety of colors when it comes to the thread in your sewing kit.

    You’ll also need needles in many different sizes. Needles are inexpensive, so you can add more needles to the kit if you have to. Having a kit that has a good needle threader can be helpful as well, especially if threading needles has been a problem in the past.

    Pins and Pincushion

    Pins and a good pincushion are a good idea for any sewing kit. Make sure that your pins are nice and sharp, and keep in mind that sewing pins with round heads are often easier to use than flat-headed pins. They are usually much prettier as well!

    And while you’re at it, having safety pins in your kit can be very helpful, you may eventually have to use these as a makeshift zipper or button one day. Should this happen, you’ll be prepared for it.

    Miscellaneous Items for your Sewing Kit

    Miscellaneous items that can be important in a sewing kit include a good seam ripper, marking pencil or tailor’s chalk, a metal thimble, and measuring tape. Feel free to add other things if you wish. Depending on what size of kit you decide on, choosing some or all of the items listed above can be helpful.

    Which are the Best Sewing Kits?

    Below is a look at a variety of sewing kits on the market that have rave reviews from customers.

    1. Artika Sewing Kit for Adults and Kids

    The ARTIKA sewing kit has 24 different colored threads, scissors, tape measure, tons of pins, and even a crochet needle to help you do a lot of different mending. The carrying case is super sturdy and durable, and for under $20.00, you can get a great sewing kit without breaking the bank.

    The ARTIKA kit is lightweight at under 10 ounces and small enough to fit in most purses. Best of all, it has enough items in it to accommodate both beginners and more advanced sewists. It also has needles of varying sizes to accommodate all types of fabric.

    If you need a sewing kit that has tons of items but doesn’t cost a fortune, this is the one for you. Whether you use it at home or when you’re on the go, the kit is guaranteed to have everything you need to mend tons of items and even start on your latest sewing project.

    2. SINGER Large Sewing Basket with Removable Tray

    The best sewing kits always have tons of items and look good, and the Singer large sewing  basket is both of these things. The basket design looks great and it even comes in numerous colors to match the decor of your sewing room. But best of all, it has tons of items necessary for sewing all types of projects.

    Whether you need to sew on a button or pin two pieces of fabric together until you can get to your sewing machine, this basket has what you need. The basket itself holds a lot of different items, including mini spools of thread, and the tray inside keeps all of your smaller items organized.

    This basket costs around $30 and comes in many different designs, and some of the items included in it are pins, measuring tape, needles, scissors, pincushion, and needle threader. You can keep it as a basic sewing kit or add it to an existing collection. Either way, it can accommodate all of your mending projects.

    3. VelloStar Travel Sewing Kit

    For starters, the VelloStar sewing kit has 24 different spools of thread and 30 different sized needles, but it has much more than this. This is a complete sewing kit that can accommodate most or all of your sewing and mending jobs. And at a cost of around $17, it is affordable for everyone.

    This sewing kit contains items such as safety pins, a needle threader, seam ripper, measuring tape, and many others. It also comes in a sturdy case that can take a lot of abuse and keep on going. Whether you use it for basic mending or a simple sewing project, you’ll have everything you need to make sure that it comes out perfect.

    Carry the VelloStar sewing kit anywhere you go, or just keep it at home so you’ll have everything you need the next time a button falls off or a seam becomes too loose to work right. Since it is complete and very affordable, this is the only sewing kit that you’ll ever need.

    4. SINGER 34-Piece Traveling Sewing Kit

    If you only need some basic sewing items because you don’t use sewing items very often, this is the perfect kit for you. It sells for under $10 and comes in a tough plastic storage box, but you’ll be surprised at how many items are inside.

    Included in the box are a tape measure, spools of thread, needle threader, needles, buttons, and much more. It is a compact and portable sewing kit that will easily fit in your glove box or purse, and it surely comes in handy whenever the unexpected happens.

    If you’re on the go a lot, you’ll appreciate this kit because you can take it with you everywhere, thanks to its small size. But it still has enough items in it to help you when you need to sew a button, repair a hem, and accommodate other sewing tasks.

    5. Coquimbo Emergency Travel Sewing Kit

    The Coquimbo sewing kit proves that not all of the best sewing kits on the market are large and cumbersome. This kit sells for under $10 yet has everything you need for basic repairs, including 14 spools of thread, measuring tape, needles, seam ripper, thimble, and much more.

    It also comes in a larger size that sells for around $12, and both kits include a sturdy case that you can take with you everywhere you go. Compact yet durable, this is the only sewing kit you’ll ever need because there are lots of items included in the kit and they are all good-quality.

    Another advantage you’ll love about this kit is that it is well organized and super easy to use. It is designed to hold all of the items inside nice and tight, which means that none of those items will fall out if you open your case suddenly.

    6. My First Sewing Kit by Alex Crafts Kit for Beginners

    If you have a young person in your life aged 7 and up who would love to learn to sew and craft, this is a great kit for them. It not only comes with tons of sewing and craft items but with complete instructions as well. Perfect for beginners, all of the items are made to accommodate the tiniest of hands.

    Included are items such as patterns and supplies to make a coin pouch, three stuffed animals, and a book cover with a pencil holder. Not only will you get them excited to make the projects, but they’ll have everything they need to complete them and have fun in the process.

    The My First Sewing Kit is one of the best sewing kits because it teaches them a lot of the basics needed to continue to learn and make even more complicated projects in the future. It gets them started but also instills in them a love of sewing and crafts that they won’t soon abandon.

    7. MissLytton Box Sewing Kit

    This box of sewing supplies is wooden and elegant, but most importantly, it comes with tons of high-quality supplies that are built to last and should therefore last for many years to come. This includes a large pair of metal scissors, tape measure, 24 spools of thread, needle threader, and much more.

    This box is made with three different sections and the thread is in the middle section. It sells for around $30 and is a nice-looking kit as well as a comprehensive one. While it’s perfect for beginners, experienced sewists can utilize it as well.

    Even better, the box is attractive and big enough that you can add other items if you wish. It has what you need to accommodate numerous sewing projects but still has plenty of room to make it a more personalized item for you.

    In Summary

    To be sure, finding the best sewing kits on the market isn’t a difficult task, especially if you already know what you’ll be using yours for. These are complete kits that usually have more than just the basics, which means you can use them for more than just standard mending purposes.

    Whether you’re a beginning sewist or you’ve been sewing for years, a good sewing kit is a great item to have around your home. Sometimes, it’s inconvenient and downright cumbersome to take out your sewing machine, especially for small tasks. This is when the right sewing kit comes in handy, so it’s good to know you have a lot of them to choose from.

    Even better, most sewing kits are very reasonably priced, so you should be able to find one that suits you perfectly even if you’re on a budget.

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