Different types of crepe fabric, a guide featured by The Sewing Korner

What is Crepe Fabric: Types of Crepe Fabric & Its Uses

Crepe fabric has been around a long time and was originally made from silk. Today’s crepe fabric is very versatile and can be used for all sorts of sewing projects, including various garments and even household items. If you’ve ever wondered, what is crepe fabric or what is crepe fabric used for, you’ve come to […] Read more…

Sewing with jersey knit, a tutorial by The Sewing Korner

Sewing with Jersey: Making it Easy

If you’re going to be sewing with jersey knit for the first time, it may seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just like any other fabrics, learning the types of jersey fabric should be first and foremost. Once you know some of the basics of the fabric, the rest is […] Read more…

how to sew with wool, a tutorial by The Sewing Korner

How to Sew with Wool on Your Sewing Machine

Sewing with some fabrics is a lot harder than sewing with others, and wool can be a bit of a challenge whether you’re sewing by hand or with a machine. Sewing with wool is a bit different because it is thicker and has a unique texture as well, but that doesn’t mean it has to […] Read more…

Muslin fabric and its uses, info featured by The Sewing Korner

What Is Muslin Fabric and What Is It Used For?

Muslin is a lightweight fabric that is used in numerous ways, including articles of clothing and even as a filter, much the same as cheesecloth is used. It is a very breathable fabric, and if you’re wondering, what is muslin fabric and what is muslin fabric used for, read on to learn more. The truth […] Read more…

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