Best Sewing Machine for Under $300, a guide by The Sewing Korner

Finding a good-quality sewing machine doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you stick with a brand name that you know you can trust. Once you decide which features are most important to you, choosing the right sewing machine is a breeze.

Here are a few of the best sewing machines for under $300.00:

  • Brother CS6000i
  • SINGER 4423
  • Janome Magnolia 7318
  • SINGER Start 1304
  • Bernette Sew and Go 1
  • Brother ST371HD
  • Brother GX37 
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    Model Name Weight Auto Needle Threader Built-In Stitches Stitches Per Minute
    Brother CS6000i 13 lbs Yes 60 850
    SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty 14.6 lbs Yes 23 1100
    Janome Magnolia 7318 17.6 lbs No 18 830
    SINGER Start 1304 10 lbs No 6 750
    Bernette Sew and Go 1 16 lbs. No 10 750
    Brother ST371HD 14.3 lbs. Yes 37 800
    Brother GX37 10.14 lbs. Yes 37 850

    Surprisingly, a lot of top brands make excellent sewing machines that cost less than $300, so even though you buy one just to make hemming and basic sewing jobs a lot easier on you, you’ll soon have your interest piqued and will want to do much more.

    Indeed, if you’re just learning to sew it doesn’t make sense to rush out and spend a thousand or more dollars on a sewing machine that you may only end up using for a short time. Fortunately, that isn’t likely to happen because once you realize how many functions these machines have, you’ll want to expand on your skills and learn to do more.

    If you need a little assistance finding a reasonably priced sewing machine, below are 7 of the top machines available. The descriptions are based on real-life reviews, so you should be able to find something to suit your needs regardless of what you needed in the first place.

    1. Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

    The CS6000i is just another excellent example of why you can trust the name Brother for all of your sewing needs. It has a 2-inch LED display to make it simple to see what’s going on at all times, and it comes with a total of 60 built-in stitches for you to enjoy.

    Features That Matter

    With an automatic needle-threader and a pop-in bobbin, the Brother CS6000i comes with 7 auto-style buttonholes, 10 sewing feet, 3 bobbins, and a needle set that includes a twin needle, among other things.

    Invaluable Assistance for a Long Time

    When you purchase this machine, you get 24/7 tech support online, as well as chat and phone assistance for the life of the machine, meaning you’ll never have to feel helpless when you’re looking for the best sewing machine for under $300 and you choose this one.

    Pros and Cons

    Users of this machine love the versatility since it does so many things, and while some customers have stated that there are occasion error codes they don’t understand, it is overall a sewing machine that gets very high marks from its users.


    The Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine is an excellent sewing machine that anyone can use without getting confused, and its many features provide an easy way to both learn and perfect the art of sewing. It is a great purchase regardless of your skill level.

    2. SINGER 4423 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

    Once again, a machine with the SINGER name is at the top of the list, so this is definitely one you should consider when you’re looking for the best sewing machine for under $300. It comes with 23 built-in stitches, including 12 decorative stitches, and its motor is 60% stronger than most other machines on the market.

    The Convenience You Need and Deserve

    You can order this sewing machine with or without the accessories, and the machine is perfect for basic sewing tasks, crafts, quilting projects, and home decor items, among others. It is a very versatile machine that anyone can enjoy.

    The Motor Is its Best Feature

    Because the motor is so strong, this sewing machine can pierce through the thickest fabric, including denim and lots of others, making it perfect for sewers who like to make every item in their wardrobe.

    Pros and Cons

    Some of the comments made by users have included the fact that the machine makes it easy to work with materials such as leather and jackets, and there are some complaints about the material bunching up as the machine is being operated. Overall, however, the SINGER 4423 gets excellent reviews and seems to make most customers very happy.


    This is a high-tech, heavy-duty machine with an extra-strong needle that can work with nearly all types of fabric. It is sturdy and reliable, and you’ll love working with it whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced seamstress.

    3. Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine

    This is a great sewing machine for both beginners and advanced users, and it comes with a top-loading bobbin system, 18 built-in stitches that include a buttonhole, and a 7-piece feed dog that guarantees you excellent control over your fabric.

    Personalize it to Your Needs

    This best sewing machine for under $300 even allows you to adjust both the length and the width of your stitches, which means you always get exactly what you need to make your next creation look perfect.

    Versatile Enough for Many Fabrics

    Best of all, the 7318 sewing machine accommodates both lightweight fabric and medium-thick fabric, including multiple layers of fabric, so it truly is a versatile machine that you’ll quickly and easily learn that you can’t do without!

    Pros and Cons

    Although some users have complained that the feed dog doesn’t raise again after being lowered, most users love the machine for many reasons, mostly because you get a lot of bang for your buck and because you can do so much with it.


    Perfect for basic sewing jobs, arts and crafts, and standard mending tasks, the Janome Magnolia 7318 is a great little machine that is so well-built you’ll likely be enjoying it for many years to come.

    4. SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine

    Made specifically for inexperienced seamstresses, this SINGER sewing machine comes with 6 built-in stitches and has a heavy-duty frame that ensures your stitches won’t skip as you work. It also has a stainless-steel bed plate that allows for easy maneuvering and smooth fabric feed.

    The Features You Need and Deserve

    The best sewing machine for under $300 is usually very easy to learn, and this one is no different. It is perfect for beginners because it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles that you simply don’t need, and it even comes with a small bag of accessories to provide you with even more perks.

    Speed Is One of its Advantages

    If you’re an experienced seamstress you can go fast with this sewing machine, because unlike other machines that only let you go so fast, this one is different. The harder you press on the pedal, the faster your sewing goes, which means you can slow it down whenever you’re a newbie.

    Pros and Cons

    Beginners love this machine because it makes you feel like a pro and learn what it takes to be a good seamstress at the same time. Some beginners may find the speed of the foot pedal a little intimidating, but other than that, users have nothing but good things to say about this sewing machine.


    Although intended for beginners, more advanced sewers can enjoy this machine as well, especially if you’re not trying to do anything too fancy or advanced. It is indeed perfect for numerous users.

    5. Bernette Sew and Go 1 Sewing Machine

    If you want a great, basic sewing machine, but you’re on a budget, this is the machine for you. It comes with 10 built-in stitches and the ability to execute stitch widths of up to 2/10-inch, so it provides you with a lot of perks for something so inexpensive.

    Great for All Skill Levels

    Regardless of your level of expertise, this is one sewing machine you’ll always love using, especially because it is super-easy to use, has a full 4 presser feet, and even has zipper and buttonhole feet that come standard with these machines.

    Designed with the User in Mind

    Every inch of this machine is designed for the sewer that’s locked inside of many people, making this a best sewing machine for under $300 that does much more than you think.

    Pros and Cons

    Although a handful of users claimed the machine was somewhat loud while being used, most users love this machine’s versatility and the amazing perks you get considering the price is so low.


    One thing is certain about this machine: if you’re on a budget and you still need a good-quality, versatile sewing machine that does a lot of things, the Bernette Sew and Go 1 is the one you want.

    6. Brother ST371HD Super-Tough Sewing Machine

    The amazing thing about this sewing machine is that it has a total of 37 built-in stitches, which is extraordinary considering it is priced at just under $200. This includes an auto-size buttonhole, and in addition to the stitches, the machine has an automatic needle-threader and a drop-in top bobbin for convenience.

    Don’t Let the Low Price Fool You

    For such a reasonably priced sewing machine, this best sewing machine for under $300 is heavy-duty and comes with 6 sewing feet and an instructional DVD and manual, which means you can get started with your sewing immediately.

    The Support You Need and Deserve

    Best of all, this machine comes with always-free tech support that you can access online, through their chat feature, or of course, over the phone. With the Brother ST371HD sewing machine, you never have to go it alone.

    Pros and Cons

    There have been some concerns about the needle slipping and becoming misaligned with the bobbin, but otherwise this machine has great real-life reviews because people love the many features of a sewing machine that comes at such a low price.


    There’s little doubt that this machine is well worth what you’ll spend on it. A multifunctional machine that is great for both beginners and advanced sewers,  this is one machine you’ll never regret purchasing.

    7. Brother GX37 Sewing Machine

    This is a great sewing machine because it is made by one of the top sewing machine brands and because it comes with a lot of valuable features, including 37 built-in stitches that mean it isn’t just beginners who will thoroughly enjoy the things it can do.

    Some Very Important Perks

    A few of the many perks this machine offers include an automatic needle-threader to save on eye strain and a drop-in top bobbin that is foolproof. It also comes with 6 sewing feet, needles, extra bobbins, and much more, making this best sewing machine for under $300 well worth the price you pay for it.

    A Free Arm That’s Very Versatile

    With a free arm that is perfect for both basic sewing and even quilting projects, you can create masterpieces easily and without anything getting in your way, making all of your projects more efficient.

    Pros and Cons

    Features such as it being lightweight, its ease of use, and its automatic needle-threader are just a few things that users love about this sewing machine, although a handful of users have claimed the LED light is too dim and that the tension sometimes causes problems.


    You can’t get many sewing machines that cost under $300 and are super high in quality, but this is one of them. With its numerous features and benefits, this is one sewing machine you won’t regret buying.

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