Finger Guards for Sewing Machines, a guide tips featured by top US sewing blogger, The Sewing Korner

If you’re a beginner seamstress, you may not know what a finger guard is or why it is so important. Simply put, finger guards are small devices placed on the presser foot bar and help prevent you from accidentally touching the needle as you’re operating the sewing machine. Finger guards are inexpensive, but provide a very valuable service because they prevent a lot of painful needle pricks from occurring as you’re creating your masterpiece.

Sewing Machine Finger Guard Brands:
  • Hicello finger guards
  • Kunpeng finger guards
  • ShineBear finger guards
  • CKPSMS finger guards
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    Why Finger Guards Are Important

    Once you find the right finger guard for sewing machine use you can rest a little easier, and this is one product that both beginners and experts will find useful. Let’s face it, there are numerous ways you might end up pricking yourself with the needle as you’re sewing, especially if you’re in a hurry or you’re inexperienced, but a finger guard is inexpensive and easy to install, and it can prevent a lot of painful pricks along the way!

    Finger guards also come in a variety of designs and shapes, and some are made specifically for certain types of sewing machines, while others are more universal and can accommodate most machines. In many cases, finger guards look like funny-shaped bent pieces of wire, and some are thick while others are a little thinner. But they all have the same function, and that is to prevent your finger from getting jabbed with the needle as you’re guiding the fabric along the sewing machine surface.

    Different Types of Finger Guards

    Finger guards are used for two main reasons – to protect your finger from getting injured as you sew, and to help guide the fabric as you’re working on your project. Best of all, finger guards are made for all types of machines, including single-needle machines, double-needle machines, and even specific brands and models of machines. Most are installed by simply snapping them into place, and although some are made out of a heavy-duty plastic, most are made out of a sturdy type of metal instead.

    There are also finger guards made for different types of sewing machines, including heavy-duty, industrial, commercial, and even computerized sewing machines, so if you’re interested in getting one of these products, you can check with the company that makes the machine and see what they recommend. Companies that make sewing machines always make all of the accessories that go with their machines, so you should be able to easily find the finger guard that is right for you.

    Where to Find Finger Guards

    Because the right finger guard for sewing machine use is usually very inexpensive, some companies that make the product offer them in packages of 10 or more, allowing you to have more than one on hand in case the original one gets misplaced or wears out over time. In some cases, you can purchase a well-made sewing machine finger guard for under $2, making them very affordable for everyone.

    Fortunately, buying the perfect finger guard is also simple when you’re shopping for the best sewing machine for youngsters, because many of these machines come with a finger guard to protect tiny fingers from getting pricked and injured as the child is learning. In fact, finger guards are especially recommended for children who are learning to sew, because just a few sticks from a sewing needle are enough to turn the child off to any interest in sewing from then on.

    When it comes to sewing machines for kids, most of the ones made without finger guards have presser feet that aren’t as high when they’re in the “up” position as many other sewing machines, which means the chances of them pricking their fingers are greatly reduced.

    Finger Guard Brands

    Finger guards are some of the easiest items to find because you can find them in craft stores and any store that sells sewing supplies. Online stores such as eBay and Amazon sell them as well, and they are easy to find because all you have to do is check to make sure the finger guards you’re buying are the right ones for your particular sewing machine. This information is easy to find because each product description will have that information.

    Some of the most popular types of finger guards include the following:

    1. Hicello Sewing Machine Finger Guard

    • Suitable for various brands of single needle lockstitch machine
    • Material: Iron
    • Overall length 3.6cm,Front block: 2.3cm long and 0.9cm wide, Mounting hole: length 5mm, width 4.8mm
    • Package list: 10pcs x Presser Finger Guard

    2. DREAMSTITCH XG2427001 Finger Guard

    • Made in Taiwan High Quality Sewing Presser Product From DreamStitch.
    • Fit Brother Sewing Machine : XR27NT, XR37NT, Innov-is NV10/10A, Innov-is NV15, Innov-is NV27SE

    3. WellieSTR 10 Pieces Sewing Machine Finger Guard

    • Material: iron
    • Overall length 3.6cm
    • Front block: 2.3cm long and 0.9cm wide
    • Mounting hole: length 5mm, width 4.8mm
    • QTY: 10PCS

    4. Other Finger Guard Brands Available

    • Kunpeng finger guards: made specifically for the Brother DB2 sewing machine, you can purchase 10 of them for roughly $10. They are easy to install and are extra-thick and sturdy.
    • ShineBear finger guards: these are sold in packages of five and sell for a little more than $6. They are made for industrial sewing machines and made of a heavy-duty metal.
    • CKPSMS finger guards: for just a little more than $7, you get a total of 10 finger guards. They are made to fit certain Brother models, including the DB2-B735, DB2-B737, DB2-B755, and DB2-B

    Whether your sewing machine is made by Singer, Brother, or any other brand, you can check with that company to find out the exact product number you’ll need so that your finger guards will fit perfectly, and the best part is, they are inexpensive enough to buy several dozen of them if that’s what you want.

    Beginner Sewing Machines that Include Finger Guards

    In addition, if you’re looking for a beginner sewing machine of some type, especially those made for kids, there are a few that automatically come with some type of protection device to make sure your fingers don’t get poked by the needle as you’re working. These include:

    1. NEX Miniature Sewing Machine

    Perfect for kids, very small and compact in size, this is a lightweight sewing machine made specifically for beginners and comes with a special cover on the sewing area around the needle for protection.

    • Can be operated by using foot pedal or push button hand switch
    • With Low/High two speed two modes
    • Can be powered by 4 AA battery (Not included in the package) or power plug
    • Build-in LED Light offer better vision on working area.
    • Special safety cover on sewing area around needle prevents safety risks

    2. Other beginner sewing machines brands available with finger guards

    • Michley LSS miniature sewing machine: available for under $20, this mini sewing machine is perfect for both kids and beginners and comes with its own transparent needle guard to protect fingers from harm

    As you can see, when you’re searching for a protective finger guard for sewing machine use, you can easily find one if you know where to look. You can start your search online and at various sewing stores, and if you choose the ones that simply attach to your machine, they are usually simple and fast to install. Finger guards are perfect not just for beginners, but also for people who tend to work quickly at times and not pay attention to where their fingers are, and they can prevent an awful lot of injuries and pain.

    Again, checking with the manufacturer of your particular sewing machine is the best thing to do when you need a finger guard of any type, and the devices will be able to protect your fingers from being accidentally jabbed time after time. They are also inexpensive products and, therefore, easy to replace when you need to do so, and starting your research online is the perfect place to begin. 

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