Necchi sewing machines have been around since 1924 when Vittorio Necchi started the first sewing machine company in Italy. He built every machine from the ground up to make sure the quality of each of them was second to none, and his reputation quickly spread all over the world. By 1930, the company had sold more than 20,000 sewing machines, and they gained a well-deserved reputation for quality.

Today many vintage Necchi sewing machines are worth more than the owners originally paid for them, and most of them still work just like they did in the beginning. For this reason alone, it behooves you to check your machine out if you own a Necchi that is vintage.

Best Necchi sewing machine, a guide by The Sewing Korner
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    Like most sewing machines, Necchi has grown and expanded their line, which now includes electronic sewing machines and even machines for embroidery. If you’re interested in a Necchi sewing machine and you’d like to learn about some of the best models on the market, below are five of them you’d be wise to consider.

    1. Necchi EX30 Sewing Machine

    The Necchi EX30 sewing machine has a total of 30 built-in stitches, which includes three one-step buttonholes. It offers direct stitch selection, which means it is super easy to choose stitches and change the width and length of those stitches. With twin rows of wide-angle LED lights, it is always easy to see your work, and the optical magnifier even gives you an up-close view any time you need it.

    The machine has numerous buttons that make any sewing project a lot more convenient including a start/stop button, locking stitch button, needle up/down button, automatic thread-cutter button, and reverse button, saving you both time and stress with your projects. Best of all, a large 16” x 11” extension table and optical magnifier come with each of these machines.

    The Necchi EX30 also comes with a built-in needle threader, seven-piece feed dog, speed control slider, twin needle guard, and snap-on presser feet to make all of your projects a breeze. It offers a maximum stitch width of 7 mm and a maximum stitch length of 5 mm, and it even comes with a hard cover to protect your machine when it isn’t being used.

    This computerized sewing machine is also user-friendly whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer. It is made with high-quality components and is, therefore, built to last, and it’s the perfect sewing machine for beginners and even kids thanks to how easy it is to learn the basics. Regardless of what you wish to do with your Necchi EX30 sewing machine, it can accommodate you every time.


    • Handles even thick fabrics well
    • Good for learning to sew, even for kids
    • Comes with 30 built-in stitches, including three one-step buttonholes
    • Comes with a large extension table and optical magnifier


    • Does not come with a walking foot

    2. Necchi QS60 Sewing and Quilting Machine

    Necchi’s QS60 sewing and quilting machine is a heavy-duty machine that you can count on for perfect stitches and a variety of projects. Even if you have a small quilting business, this machine is all you need to do the job right and gain customers. It comes with a total of 63 built-in stitches and four buttonholes, and best of all, you get everything you need to begin using the machine immediately.

    The QS60 is 27.91” x 20.39” x 14.29” and weighs nearly 41 pounds, so it is one tough cookie when it comes to general wear and tear and the length of time it will last. It is priced at around $900 and is, therefore, reasonably priced, especially once you learn what you get in return. This includes a package bundle that includes items such as bobbins, feet, repair tools, extra needles, spools, and much more.

    With this sewing machine, you get a twin needle guard and an LCD screen that makes viewing your fabric a lot easier. It comes with a large extension table for those people who work on extra-large items, as well as 10 standard feet that can accommodate a host of tasks. The electronic foot control makes sewing faster and simpler, and the memory capability makes it easy to remember all of your favorite preferences.

    Finally, the QS60 sewing and quilting machine sews up to 1,000 stitches per minute and even comes with a built-in needle-threader. You get a bobbin system that is jam-proof and easy to load, and you also get a maximum stitch width of 7 mm and a maximum stitch length of 5 mm. All in all, this is a high-tech sewing machine that anyone can learn to use quickly, and it accommodates more experienced sewers as well.


    • Comes with 63 built-in stitches and four buttonholes
    • Has a maximum speed of 1,000 spm
    • Includes accessories such as bobbins, spools, needles, repair tools, and more
    • Advanced features such as memory capability and individual stitch editing


    • Unable to accommodate needle position adjustments
    • Doesn’t have removable boards and pieces for hemming and finishing of sleeves, and so on

    3. Necchi EX100 Sewing Machine

    One of the things you’ll love most about this Necchi sewing machine is its user-friendly front interface, which above all else, allows for direct stitch selection whenever you have a particular stitch in mind. You get two rows of wide-angle LED lights that help you see the task you’re working on a lot better. With 100 built-in stitches and four one-step buttonholes, it also gives you a lot of ways to be extra creative.

    The EX100 sewing machine includes optical magnifiers with 20x, 40x, and 60x magnification ability, and the top-loading bobbin system is super easy to set up and get going. This is a computerized machine that is easy to learn and easy to use, and it works for all types of projects, from clothing to home goods and so much more. You also get a one-handed threader that gives you some extra help with all of your tasks.

    The Necchi EX100 sewing machine has a free arm and a knee lift so that you can easily use both hands regardless of what you’re working on. It comes with a hard cover to protect the machine when it isn’t being used and has several convenience buttons, including a reverse button, locking stitch button, thread-cutter, and needle up/down button.

    The machine also comes with a 16” x 11” extension table for those extra-large projects, and you get maximum stitches of 5 mm in length and 7 mm in width. This is indeed a very versatile sewing machine that anyone can use, and while it costs around $600, it is a very sturdy, reliable machine that you should be able to enjoy for many years to come.


    • Comes with 100 built-in stitches and four one-step buttonholes
    • Has a 16” x 11” extension table for those extra-large projects
    • Very sturdy at around 24 lbs. and 15” x 7” x 11” in size
    • Includes optical magnifiers with 20x, 40x, and 60x magnification


    • Some people get an “LO” error, then a bad smell
    • The machine may be too pricey for some

    4. Necchi K132A Sewing Machine

    The Necchi K132A sewing machine is an electronic sewing machine that you can use for all types of projects. At roughly $230, you can get a high-quality, reliable machine that won’t break the bank, and it is so easy to use that both beginners and more experienced sewers will love it. It is also a great-looking machine in white with a beautiful purple trim.

    The K132A sewing machine measures 17.3” x 13.5” x 9” and weighs roughly 16 pounds, so even though it is a sturdy machine, it isn’t super heavy or cumbersome at all. You get a vertical front-loading bobbin system, a reverse lever, and a thread-cutter that make sewing on the machine a breeze. It even comes with several accessories, including bobbins, spools, feet, seam ripper, machine oil, and more.

    You also get LED illumination to help you view what you’re doing at all times, along with a maximum stitch length of 4 mm and a maximum stitch width of 5 mm, which are more than enough to accommodate most of your projects. Speaking of projects, you can use this sewing machine to make clothes, gift items, home goods, blankets, and so much more.

    The Necchi K132A sewing machine is perfect for both beginners and more advanced sewers, and it stands up to the Necchi name because it is a high-quality and dependable sewing machine. It is lightweight yet very strong and reliable, and with 32 built-in stitches, it isn’t going to intimidate someone who is just learning to sew by offering an overwhelming number of options.


    • Total of 32 built-in stitches and one one-step buttonhole
    • Attractive white and purple design
    • Front-loading bobbin system that is easy to load
    • Comes with numerous accessories and tools


    • Some claim it is very noisy
    • Some complained that the needle kept snapping

    5. Necchi NC-204D Sewing Machine

    Necchi’s NC-204D sewing machine is lightweight but provides you with everything you need to accomplish your works of art in the sewing room. With a total of 439 built-in stitches and 13 one-step buttonholes, you’ll have no limits to your creativity whether you’re working on articles of clothing, home decorations, or anything in between.

    The machine is just the right size at 14.57” x 7.87” x 11.02” and a weight of only 17.6 pounds. It has an extension table to accommodate those extra-large projects, and the automatic upper and lower thread cutter is just one of the features that will make your life as a sewer a whole lot easier. You also get a horizontal drop-in bobbin system that is easy to load, as well as a very comfortable working surface.

    With the NC-204D sewing machine, the available stitches include three sets of alphanumeric stitches to accommodate basic monogramming, which is perfect if you have a small business that sews clothing items. The machine even comes with accessories such as bobbins, spools, screwdriver, and many others. In fact, this machine has everything you’ll need to get it set up and running as soon as you get it out of the package.

    Yet another feature people tend to love is the extra-large LCD display, which is super convenient even for those who have no vision problems. With twin needle threading, two banks of memory function, and speed control with start/stop button, the Necchi NC-204D sewing machine has everything you’ll need to fall in love with it immediately, allowing for many years of happy sewing creations.


    • Total of 439 built-in stitches, including monogramming capability
    • Lightweight at only 17.6 pounds
    • Comes with numerous useful accessories
    • Extra-large LCD display for convenience


    • Some claim the machine is noisy
    • Some said it broke shortly after purchase

    In Summary: Which are the Best Necchi Sewing Machines?

    Necchi sewing machines are high-quality machines that are built to last, and the best part about buying one is the availability of machines that are made for both beginners and advanced sewers. Each Necchi sewing machine offers something unique to the sewer, and since they’re available in all price ranges, you won’t have to break the bank just to get one you’ll love.

    For nearly 100 years, the name Necchi has stood for quality, and if you’ve never owned one of these machines, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Most of the models receive rave reviews from most of the customers who buy them. Regardless of your budget or your specific sewing needs, you should have no problems finding a great sewing machine when you set out to buy a Necchi.

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