Top 5 Best Sewing Machines for Christmas by The Sewing Korner

For the special sewer in your life, it’s super easy to choose a great Christmas gift because sewing enthusiasts always need good sewing supplies. For the ones you want to give a special gift to, a good sewing machine will always be appreciated, and if you want to learn about the top 5 sewing machines to gift, keep reading.

The sewing machines on this list are made by companies you’ll recognize because these brands specialize in making high-quality machines that don’t cost a fortune. Nothing is as exciting to a sewer as getting a brand-new sewing machine as a gift, and the machines listed below will not disappoint.

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    Top 5 Best Sewing Machines to Gift: What Are They?

    When it comes to well-built, reliable sewing machines, there are certainly plenty of them to choose from these days. If you’re planning to give one as a gift, the main decision you’ll need to make is how much money you wish to spend because they make great sewing machines in all price ranges. You can find a great sewing machine regardless of your budget, and below are the top 5 sewing machines to gift to that special sewer in your life.

    This sewing machine can accommodate all types of fabric, from muslin to upholstery fabric and everything in between. It is a computerized machine that is so user-friendly even beginners can use it with ease. You get a total of 70 utility and decorative stitches and seven buttonhole stitches, and you can operate all of the functions with the touch of a button.

    The Brother CS7000X sewing machine is also very quiet and has numerous convenient features, including automatic backstitch and a needle up/down feature. Even if you intend to sew together several layers of upholstery fabric, the machine will accommodate you. It also emits a small beep whenever you’re about to make an error, which is a great feature for beginning sewers.


    • Very quiet
    • Computerized for convenience
    • Comes with an easy-to-understand user manual


    • Tension problems can occur
    • Computerized controls can be intimidating for newbies

    This is a very powerful, low-maintenance mechanical sewing machine that works regardless of the fabric you’re dealing with. It is easy to use and easy to care for, and one of its best features is how easy it is to thread the needle. In fact, you can thread the needle quickly even if you don’t have the user manual in front of you. It has a total of 32 different stitches and one buttonhole, but this should be enough for all but the most-advanced sewers.

    With a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, the SINGER 4452 Sewing Machine is indeed a very fast sewing machine, and it comes with five presser feet and a cloth cover to protect it when it isn’t being used. It has a compartment for storing accessories in, and it is the perfect sewing machine for people who want a straightforward, powerful, and very fast machine.


    • Easy to use and easy to maintain
    • Works on all types of fabric
    • Comes with numerous accessories


    • Only has 32 stitches and one buttonhole
    • Has no speed control

    The Brother CS5055 sewing machine usually sells for under $200, so it is perfect for people on a budget. It is powerful yet easy to use, and it provides 60 decorative stitches and seven presser feet, as well as numerous other accessories. This is a computerized machine that can accommodate both beginning and more-advanced sewers, and it is super lightweight at just under 14 pounds.

    This machine also comes with an automatic threader, a drop-in bobbin holder that is difficult to jam, and steel frame construction so that it lasts a very long time. The needle stays in place as you work and, therefore, you end up with more even lines and stitches that are nice and clean. The user manual is easy to follow and comes in three different languages, and it offers a lot of bang for your buck.


    • Comes with 60 decorative stitches
    • Very lightweight for easy maneuverability
    • Very affordable


    • Dethreading is sometimes a problem
    • Sometimes the thread snags while working

    The Janome JW8100 sewing machine is computerized and has a whopping 100 different stitches and seven different buttonholes. You get a hard cover to protect it when it isn’t being used, and at only 12 pounds, it is so lightweight that you can transport it from one location to another with ease. The wide extension table makes it super easy to work on large projects, and you even get a total of 22 accessories.

    This sewing machine can even accommodate advanced sewers because of its advanced features and the number of accessories that come with it. It is easy to use and easy to maintain, and you even get a convenient reverse lever, adjustable thread tension, and speed control slider to make working on any type of project a piece of cake.


    • Reasonably priced
    • Comes with 100 stitches and seven buttonholes
    • Comes with 22 different accessories


    • Problems with tension sometimes occur
    • Problems with loose stitches sometimes happen

    This sewing machine is computerized and allows for both regular sewing and quilting. It has a top-loading bobbin that minimizes jams and comes with 200 decorative stitches and eight different buttonholes. There is an automatic needle-threader that is fast and therefore allows you to start sewing immediately, and the LCD display makes it super easy to see what you’re doing at all times.

    If you want a sewing machine with advanced features and a price around $200, this is it. You can use this machine whether you’re a beginner or you’re more advanced at the art of sewing and quilting. The twin needle feature is especially convenient, and the up/down needle makes any project you’re working on a piece of cake.


    • Very reasonably priced
    • Comes with an automatic needle threader
    • Comes with 200 stitches and eight buttonholes


    • Problems with bobbin tangles have occurred
    • Consistent error messages are sometimes a problem

    What to Look for When Buying a Sewing Machine as a Gift

    If you’ve decided you want to buy a sewing machine as a gift for someone, it’s good to know exactly how to get the best one in the end. This is especially important if you’re not a sewer yourself and you’re not sure what you should look for. You’ve already looked at the top 5 sewing machines to gift; now let’s take into consideration what to look for when buying a machine for a recipient on your gift list.

    1. Try to Determine How the Sewing Machine Will Be Used

    Matching the sewing machine to the tasks involved is a great way to buy the perfect sewing machine. For instance, if you know that person is a beginning sewer, you can go ahead and save yourself some money by buying a machine that isn’t too pricey. If they’re planning to use the machine for quilting or embroidering, make sure you get a machine that includes those capabilities. Usually, buyers will not be buying a sewing machine for someone they don’t know well, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. Research How Any Repairs Might Be Made

    Eventually, most sewing machines will need to be repaired. To make it convenient for the sewer, go ahead and ask the dealer or vendor what happens when repairs need to be made. Sometimes, the machine will have to be sent somewhere for repairs, while other times it may be repaired in the shop where the machine was purchased. Find out about turnaround times as well because the answers to these concerns will affect your gift recipient in the future.

    3. Consider Your Budget First

    You can always find a good sewing machine within your price range, so always take your budget into consideration before anything else. This doesn’t mean you should always buy the least expensive sewing machine you can find, but you should definitely keep your budget in mind the entire time.

    4. Check the Warranty on the Sewing Machine

    Sewing machines need good warranties, and many sewing machine companies have long warranties – sometimes as long as 25 years. This is important because again, you want your special sewer to receive a sewing machine that they can count on to work properly for a very long time. If the warranty period is too short, this is usually a red flag that the machine maybe isn’t the greatest one to purchase.

    In Summary

    These top 5 sewing machines to gift are all high-quality machines, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that is perfect for the sewer on your gift list. If you take into consideration the skill level of the sewer and what type of work will be performed on the machine, it should be easy for you to decide which one is right for both you and the recipient. It is also good to know that most of these machines can be purchased without breaking the bank.

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