Best Sewing Tables for Quilting, a guide by The Sewing Korner

Buying a sturdy sewing table is always important. If you’re like a lot of sewing enthusiasts, you will love staying at that table for hours at a time whether you’re quilting, sewing, or embroidering.

Without the right table, you can suffer with back problems and aches and pains you didn’t ask for. Once you find a well-made table that is specifically designed for sewing and quilting, you’ll just naturally sit in the right position as you work and therefore stay more comfortable the entire time.

Thanks to online reviews and reviews left by real-life customers, finding the best sewing tables for quilting is easier than you think. You also need to know what to look for before you start shopping for your quilting table.

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    A Table That’s Big Enough

    Naturally, the size of your sewing table will make a big difference in both your comfort level and in how you feel about keeping it. Even if you’re new to the craft and think you’re only going to be working on smaller projects, you need to keep in mind that as your skills grow, your projects will grow as well. In other words, you might as well buy a table that is large enough even for bigger projects because you’ll get to those sooner than you think.

    You should also make sure you have room for cutting, planning your project, free-form quilting, and of course, for stitching and completing the project. After all, quilting involves lots of creativity, and you need to have a lot of room to accommodate that creativity!

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    Storage Space Is Important

    The top of your sewing table isn’t its only important characteristic. You’ll need lots of storage space as well, and most of these tables have lots of drawers to put quilting and sewing supplies in, allowing you to get to them quickly whenever you need to. This saves you from having to get up from the table whenever you need something, so the more compartments you have, the better off you’ll be.

    Clearly, the right table is practical and multipurpose, not to mention it looks great in your sewing room. If you’re curious about some of the sewing desks that have gotten top-notch reviews by both critics and real-life customers, keep reading because we’ve included some of the best sellers on the market.

    The Best Sewing Tables for Quilting

    If you go online to research sewing tables, you’ll get the information you need to make an informed decision. Sites such as Amazon and others have complete descriptions of the tables and even list reviews written by people who have actually bought the product, which means you can read for yourself what people think about it and their experience with it.

    Below are five of the highest-rated sewing tables on the market that can help you know what to look for before you start shopping.

    Arrow 701 Bertha Sewing Cabinet

    This is a large, very attractive table that is perfect for sewing, crafting, quilting, embroidering, and much more. It has a lot of drawers that will keep your supplies close at hand, and the airlift mechanism lifts and lowers your machine with the push of a button.

    In fact, you can position the base of your sewing machine flush with the table to get a free-arm position for working on cuffs and sleeves, or you can push it down slightly into a flatbed position to get the sewing bed flush with the surface. Indeed, this mechanism will adjust to any type of sewing machine base height and therefore allows your fabric to be perfectly level at all times.

    You can also push the button downward and store your machine completely out of sight, which is a big advantage if you end up using the table for other purposes. The Bertha earns its name because it is a very sturdy table that can easily accommodate sewing machines weighing up to 60 lbs. In addition, thanks to the way it is designed, you can sit squarely in front of the center of the table so that you’re even with your sewing machine.

    The table also comes with a leaf that is easy to attach in the back of the table so that you get more tabletop to work with. Customers love its design and its sturdiness, and below are some of the pros and cons mentioned in the customer reviews:


    • Nice, large work area that can be made larger with the extra leaf.
    • Comes in three different colors.
    • Heavy, 140-lb design.


    • Some complaints about lack of storage.
    • Some complaints about the instructions being difficult to follow.

    Arrow K8405 Wallaby II Kangaroo Sewing Table

    The three-position airlift in this cabinet will hold most sewing machines and allows for an easy up-and-down motion in a small space. The lifter platform can adjust to most machine heights, providing for ease of both free-arm and flatbed sewing, as well as storing the machine down inside the cabinet.

    The table has three shelves that has a total of 33 spool holders, as well as a good size drawer and door tray that keeps all of your sewing notions well-organized and super easy to get to. You can place your sewing machine on the lift and use the space to the left of the cabinet for extra room or even another machine.

    When you are finished with your project, all you have to do is close the doors, lower your sewing machine into the cabinet, and use the key to lock everything up tight and secure. With a lot of storage space, an efficient airlift, and the portability to make it easy to relocate if you need to, this is one sewing table you won’t regret buying. When the table is closed, it measures 30.25” x 42.75” x 19”, making it the perfect size for most sewers.

    Customers love a lot of things about this Arrow-made table, including its ability to easily store spools of thread and its perfect size, which accommodates even people who live in apartments and smaller homes. Some of the pros and cons of the product include:


    • It is easy to put together thanks to simple instructions.
    • It comes in two different colors.
    • It can accommodate sewing machines of various sizes.


    • Some complaints about poor customer service.
    • Some complaints about poor overall quality.

    Sew Ready Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center Craft Table

    There are numerous reasons this table is considered one of the best sewing tables for quilting. For one thing, it’s got a three-drawer cabinet on the right-hand side that holds tons of accessories and supplies, as well as a built-in shelf underneath where the sewing machine sits to store extra items if you need to.

    This is not a huge table yet it is large enough to sew, quilt, or embroider comfortably. Its dimensions of 60.25” x 23.75” x 29.25” make for a perfect table when you need space to work yet you’re on a budget, and you can choose between models with one drawer, three drawers, or no drawers at all. It can accommodate weights of up to 100 lbs, and you can even use it as a computer desk if you need to.

    The Sew Ready multipurpose desk is well-built and comes in several different color combinations, including a black-and-white and gray-and-white design. At a price of roughly $140, you won’t have to break the bank to purchase it, and its customers love how easy it is to use and how long it lasts. Some of the pros and cons of this table include:


    • Very affordable for everyone.
    • A basic design that is super easy to use.
    • Adjustable to fit your sewing machine positions.


    • Some complaints about it being difficult to put together.
    • Some complaints about overall poor quality.
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    In Summary

    When it comes to finding the right sewing table that also doubles as a great quilting table, the main thing you need to look for is tabletop size. For both sewing and quilting, a lot of tabletop space can make any project of any size a whole lot easier. Fortunately, finding a well-made table that meets those needs is easier than you think.

    Even better, although you can spend $1,000 or more on a good quality sewing table, this is certainly not required to get the one you like. If you utilize online resources, the task becomes even easier, and it also becomes easier to find a high-quality table at a price you can afford. In other words, you can easily find the best sewing tables for quilting without breaking the bank; all you have to do is know how to get started.

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